Thursday, December 6, 2012


Artists use sketchbooks for various reasons, some of which are simply as a place to practice observational drawing, recording the artist's direct response to a subject, or to work out ideas, as a travel journal or to use for reportage.  The following images are from various artists' and illustrators' sketchbooks.  

The first of these comes from the sketchbooks of Jeff Geib, a long-time friend and former PCA&D teaching colleague.  Jeff continues to teach and make art at his studio in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  His sketchbooks, with their masterfully-drawn images and thoughtfully composed pages, have achieved the level of art...

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See more of Jeff's work at LANCASTER GALLERIES.

Irinna Vinnik, a Russian artist, fills her sketchbooks with stylized and decorative images of organic forms in pen & ink...

See more of Irinna's work HERE.

Mattius Adolfson draws whimsical, but intricate cartoon images in his sketchbooks...

See more HERE.

From the sketchbooks of artist & illustrator James Jean...

Visit James Jean's WEBSITE.

French artist Helen Strom's lovely watercolor sketches...

See more of Helen's work HERE.

From the sketchbooks of artist/illustrator Henrik Drescher:

Visit Drescher's site HERE.

Following; images from a variety of (anonymous) artist's sketchbooks...


  1. These are excellent! It makes me want to buy a new sketchbook and hide in my studio for a month.

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