Monday, December 17, 2012

Visual Thinking Project 5

Students in the Visual Thinking class at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design have recently completed their final project for the semester.  For this project, students were required to visit a local farmer's market and redesign a sign for one of the stands.

Consideration had to be given to the type of product that was being sold, the audience, the stand itself and its surroundings, the shape and dimensions of the sign, typography and art.  See project specs and student work below.

Michelle Henry

Hailey Anuscavage

Art Trophe

Kyle Brightbill

Alexandra Doms

Rachel Tress

Graphic design students in Pam Barby's class were required 
to create ancillary print material in addition to the sign...

Samantha Mongelluzo

Stephanie Choy

Brandon Cook

Cory Fodor

Kyle Newkirk

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  1. Nice work! Great color in the Simply Sweet sign. Nice job on the dog for the Pet Bakery sign too. Viva La Illustrator!