Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tim Murray, former creative director of the Creative Vision Group at Target, the retail chain, joined Goodwill Industries in 2011 and is currently developing a rebrand of the San Francisco area Goodwill.

"After many years convincing people to consume more stuff, I felt a need to address the environmental impact of my actions as a marketer. By providing a second or third use for stylish stuff, Goodwill is one of the reasons the San Francisco Bay Area is one of America's greenest and least wasteful regions."

There are over 165 Goodwill chapters across North America, each operating semi-autonomously and many running programs which help the needy into work.  Murray enlisted the help of illustrator Craig Frazier to spruce up the San Francisco area chapter.

Sophomore students in PCA&D's Visual Thinking class have recently completed a project in which high-contrast symbols were used creatively to interpret and communicate the meaning of an assigned word (see the post titled Visual Thinking Project One).  Here, high-contrast images are used as part of Goodwill's rebranding effort, not only to visually represent the items sold in the stores, but also to set a tone for the brand that suggests vibrancy and fun.

Here are a few "Before" and "After" photos of the Goodwill trucks and store signage:

and after the rebranding:

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