Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visual Thinking Project Three

Sophomore CA students in the Visual Thinking class at PCA&D recently completed their third project.  For this assignment, students were challenged to create an art piece of their choosing based on a World Record. This could be a painting, sculpture, video, etching, drawing, infographic, etc., as long as it creatively interpreted and illustrated a World Record of some sort.

Here are the project specs (click to enlarge):

And a selection of student work from all three sections:

Kristin Reynolds: Most Pumpkins carved in the shortest amount of time.

Vicky Newberry: World's Longest Legs

Alexandria Michaud:  Longest Video Game Marathon- 52 hours.

Gabby Hammaker: World's Loudest Purr by a Domestic Cat

Hailey Anuscavage: World's Longest Hair

Jason Herr: World's Tallest Dog

Dan McEwen: World's Largest Cup of Coffee

Jesus Rosario: World's Fastest Piggy Back Mile

Socheata Chhun: Word's Longest Hair

Charles Ferguson Avery: Longest Distance a Woman Threw a Man

Jacob Peck: World's Longest Ear Hair 

Kyle Newkirk: World's Largest Screwdriver

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