Saturday, November 17, 2012

Illustrator of the Week: Marc Burkhardt

Illustrator Marc Burkhardt, who has a BA in Art History, a BFA in printmaking and a BFA in illustration, combines contemporary images with an historical sensibility.  He cites fine art painters Cranach the Elder, Ingres and Neo Rausch among his influences as well as illustrators Anita Kunz, Robert Crumb and Phil Hayes.

Marc often uses allegory in his personal work but also uses historically-influenced images in his commissioned work.  He mixes traditional painting materials with wood, metal and other materials.  Of his process, Marc says, "The basic steps in developing the direction for commissioned projects, with a somewhat less structured version for personal work, share the idea that the concept stage determines the materials used on the finish. Though most of my pieces are done on wood, some are on more weathered boards to suit the overall direction of the work. Other materials like metalwork, goldleaf and even 3 dimensional borders & frames are incorporated where they support the concept and mood I'm trying to convey. While I'm very interested in the craft aspects, I try to let the ideas drive the execution."

Marc's work can be found in trade publications like 3x3 Magazine, Communication Arts and Juxtapose. He has received Gold and Silver awards from the Society of Illustrators as well as the prestigious Hamilton King Award and his work has been exhibited at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Visit Marc's WEBSITE.

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