Saturday, November 10, 2012

Illustrator of the Week: Matt Mahurin

Matt Mahurin is an illustrator, photographer and film director.  He often uses images of himself as reference for his digitally-manipulated photo-illustrations, once posing as Sigmund Freud for a Time magazine cover.  Mahurin is also well-known for a darkened image of OJ Simpson on the cover of Time, based on Simpson's mugshot at the time of his arrest, which raised some controversy when it appeared next to the unaltered mug shot on the cover of Newsweek on the magazine racks.

Here's a few more samples of Matt Mahurin's work, including images for the HBO series Carnivale and photographs for Tom Waits' CD covers...

In 2004, Matt created the documentary I Like Killing Flies about 
Kenny Shopsin's restaurant in Greenwich Village. Learn more HERE.

Visit Matt's website HERE.

Interview HERE.

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