Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mirko Ilic

Mirko Ilic (pronounced MEER-ko ILLich), much like Milton Glaser, is inspiring to me because he works both as a graphic designer and as an illustrator.  Born in Bosnia, he first published his work in the early 1970's as a comic book artist, but by 1980, focused entirely on graphic design and illustration. In 1986, he moved to New York, "with $1,500 in the pocket and no idea what to do upon getting there." Since then he has had his work published in Time, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and in 1991, became the art director of Time International.  In 1992, Ilic became the art director of the op-ed page in the NY Times.

He is co-author of a number of books about graphic design including The Design of Dissent with Milton Glaser and Anatomy of Design with Steven Heller.  He has designed album covers for Rage Against The Machine and designed film titles for You've Got Mail. 

Ilic now teaches illustration at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Learn more about Mirko Ilic HERE.

Visit the Mirko Ilic Corp. website HERE.

The Design of Dissent book can be purchased HERE. 

Mirko's autobiography, Fist to Face, can be purchased HERE.

Video interview HERE.

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