Saturday, November 3, 2012

Illustrator of the Week: Red Nose Studio

In 2000, Chris Sickels officially started Red Nose Studio, providing 2-D and 3-D illustration, character design and development, and lo-fi stop motion animation.

His 3-D illustrations are built from a variety of materials. Sets and puppets are combination of wire, fabric, cardboard, wood, miniatures, found objects and anything within arms reach at the time.

Everything you see here is created, fabricated, sewn, carved, sculpted, painted, wired or in some other way put together by Chris and is then photographed.  The photo is the finished illustration which is then reproduced in print or on the web.

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Visit the Red Nose Studio

(NOTE: The first minute and a half of the following video shows Chris and his motorcycle, but then becomes a studio tour where he talks about his process)

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