Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fabien Barral

Fabien Barral, a graphic designer who lives in a small, remote village in France, says that "Design must seduce, shape, and more importantly, evoke an emotional response." In an interview on the Graphic Design School blog, Mr. Barral  talked about his process:

The best les­son I’ve learned is that design does not start on the com­puter… com­puter is just a tool… you have to step away from the com­puter to get inspired. One of my teach­ers told me that “the greatest ideas come from the sub­con­scious”. When you need a big idea, fill your mind with all the back­ground inform­a­tion you can about your sub­ject, then step away from the pro­ject and let your sub­con­scious work on the idea for you. Usu­ally when you come back to the work, your mind has pro­cessed all the big info and the ideas flow out much smoother.

Visit his website here: http://www.fabienbarral.com/

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