Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Sweet Studio

For most of us, the studio is a sanctuary.  Not only is it our professional work space, but our own little "art mecca," a space in which we do all of our creative thinking...our private getaway from the outside world.

Just for fun, I thought I'd post some photos of personal work spaces of some professionals in the industry.  Some of these are borrowed from other blogs and sites, most notably the 'Studio Tours' section of and from a blog titled "Where They Draw."

In addition, several PCA&D colleagues have been kind enough to share photos of their studios with us.

Thanks to everyone...enjoy!

Here's the painting studio of Eric Fowler, who teaches illustration classes at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.  For a brief bio and samples of his work at the Aida Jaine Gallery, go HERE.

Charlie Beyl, who also teaches in the illustration department at PCA&D has a studio space in his old farm house which he shares with Peaches and Iris, his dogs.  Visit Charlie's website  HERE.

Rob Dunlavey says of his studio: "No ping pong table. No large collectors edition posters. No extensive library full of awards and expensive design compendiums. No first editions. No fancy guitars or expensive workstations. No swimming pool. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Things are jerry-rigged. I'd love to move out and move back in and fill up a dumpster but that would take a very long time. Kind of a swamp really. But it's home."

Here's an example of Rob's work-

The studio of illustrator Christopher Silas Neal:

The studio of graphic designer Marsha Mihotich:

And Marsha's work...

Tom Bejgrowicz teaches in the graphic design department at PCA&D and runs his own design shop, Man Alive Creative, out of a studio in his Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. Of his studio, Tom says... 

"I re-did my studio space in the summer of 2011 with the sole intention of making it my own personal space, not simply a room where I work. Surrounding myself in memorabilia from my work in the music industry was a must and new paint would boost the warmth in the space while the cornerstone of the renovation was painting one entire wall in chalkboard paint. This allows me to sketch out concepts, necessary details, and inspirations whenever it comes to mind. From my most complex projects to my teaching schedule at PCA&D, I couldn't imagine keeping track of my life without it! Toss in Bose computer speakers to crank up music when I'm in full gear and I'm very happy with my home studio space."

See Tom's work HERE.

Dugald Stermer, a leader in the industry, worked as both an art director and illustrator over his very successful career.  Stermer designed the medals for the 1984 Summer Olympics and worked on advertising campaigns for Levi's, BMW, Nike and others. He created illustrations for Rolling Stone, GQ, The New York Times and other publications. 

It is unfortunate that we lost Mr. Stermer in 2011 due to complications related to skin cancer.  Here's a few photos of his studio that he had posted on

Two examples of his illustration work...

The studio of Lucy Kinsley:

And Ms. Kinsley's work...

Award-winning illustrator Scott Bakal:

Here's a few samples of Scott's work.  See more at his WEBSITE.

Bill Dussinger teaches in the graphic design department at PCA&D and has his own design shop called PENNY LANE GRAPHICS.

The studio of illustrator Joseph Fiedler:

Illustrator/cartoonist Jim Woodring...

Illustrator Giselle Potter...

more to come...

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