Sunday, September 23, 2012

Information Design

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Information Design, or 'infographics' is the practice of preparing and organizing information to be more easily understood than it would be as just text.  When data is complex or unstructured, a visual representation can express its meaning more clearly and efficiently to the audience.

Graphs and pie charts have traditionally been a more effective way of communicating certain statistics than plain text, and illustrations have helped to explain the complexities of everything from molecules to jet engines, including assembly diagrams and maps.

In the digital age, there is an incredible amount of information available to us. Today's infographics help to depict, in visual form, the content they represent in a vast array of creative approaches.  Even when the data is complex or dull, the information design need not be.  A few examples...

The following two charts show us the words used to advertise toys for boys...

and for girls...

Visit COOL INFOGRAPHICS to see more examples.

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