Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visual Thinking Project One

There are three sections of a Visual Thinking course at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design for sophomore Communication Arts students.  They are taught by Michael Fink (part-time instructor), Pam Barby (Graphic Design Department Chair), and Robert Hochgertel (Illustration Department Chair).

The first project was designed to challenge students to communicate without words, using only symbols.  Each was assigned a word (Spicy, Growth, Scary, Playful or Broken) to visually represent with a high-contrast B&W symbol.  Project parameters can be seen below from the project pdf (click to enlarge):

The images below represent some of the best results from each of the three sections.  We'll let you guess which word each symbol represents. Student names are posted next to the images...


A. Doms

K. Brightbill

J. Steigelman

           R. Tress

             V. Newberry


C. Fodor

         J. Herr

L. Smith

     M. Dill

A. Trofe

J. Peck

S. Chhun

S. Mongelluzzo

S. Hughes

K. Newkirk

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